Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Linen Ladies Club

I am very excited about my new "project" and had to share with everyone!

When my book, Wholecloth Linen Quilts, was published almost two years ago it introduced my world of quilting antique linens to all of you. The response from everyone has been almost overwhelming. Each time I speak to a guild or conduct a workshop I have the best seat in the house as I get to see all the little light bulbs going off in everyone's heads when they realize what they can do. I considered doing a second book, even had a rough draft on the publisher's desk, and decided to pursue an idea I've been playing around with for awhile instead.

When I teach I am always listening to my students and I've been hearing over and over that specific detailed instructions and designs are badly needed in this field of quilting. There is too much to cover to fit in ONE book!

I am going to be self-publishing a series of workbook-design packets that will be called The Linen Ladies Club which will be recognizable by my trademark logo above. You will be treated to well written instructions that will accompany each packet to get you started. I will then have specific instructions, illustrations and photos taking you step-by-step helping you create your own hankie quilts, pillowcase quilts, tablecloth quilts, wholecloth quilts on plain fabric, etc. I have some very talented students I have dubbed my Linen Ladies and they have come up with some great projects, ideas and tips. They will be featured in these packets too giving them due credit for their work. As all of you come up with ideas I could include you as well!

I design stencils for Quilting Creations, Inc. and they are in the process at this very moment turning more of my designs into stencils that can be used specifically for these wholecloth linen quilts. Specific designs will be printed and included in each packet and will be available for sale as stencils through QCI.

I created a special 3-ring binder for my Asilomar students for their daily workbooks and it made such a hit I decided to do this for the Linen Ladies Club. Each of the packets will be 3-hole punched. I am going to separately sell a special binder for these packets so as you add to your library you'll have a wonderful place to keep them for reference. My Design Class workbook and my great basting lesson handout will be included in the binder as a special perk. Each binder will also come with a "gift" of my enamel pin which is my flowered star pictured above. This pin is something I will never sell, but I give as gifts and those students that have them now love them! I will also be offering for sale some of the products that I recommend as well as some special gifty items.

I am SO jazzed about this and the sky is the limit with how far this will go. Due to my extensive teaching and traveling schedule I am squeezing this in-between everything and anticipate having it up and running by the end of summer early fall. As I said before I listen to my students and readers and would appreciate any and all ideas, inspirations, or critiques!



Plain Ol' Vanilla said...

Yipee doo Cindy! Where do I sign up!


Unknown said...

Cindy - Whoohoo - yes, where do we sign up?

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! This is exciting news! I wish you great success!

Love ya,