Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sewing Machine Roller Bag

When I'm teaching I always point students to good products that I find so I thought I should start doing this on my blog too!

One of my students from Sacramento, CA recently came to class with this GREAT bag for her machine. I bought mine yesterday and fell in love with it! It's not feminine and pretty but very practical and affordable. The bag that I have pictured came from Harbor Freight. There happens to be a store in Chico but they are on line too at This is a 20" Rollaway Tool Bag, Item# 92328 and it cost me $28.00 in the store. It also comes with another bag so it's two for the price of one. I have a Juki sewing machine which is larger and heavier than most machines and it fits comfortably and snug. There are lots of pockets on the inside and outside for even more storage. I put my tool box, foot pedal, cords, light, threads, etc. in the extra bag that came with it. The handle of the extra bag fits over the extendable handle so the two bags can travel together. They also had a smaller 15" bag for $14.00 that could carry a smaller sewing machine. Happy Shopping! Cindy


GailM. said...

Thanks for this recommendation. I just purchased the Juki TL-98Q. I'll put this on my wish list...

Malora said...


Thanks for the suggestion. I can find them now, 3 years later for $30 for the set. Still a sliver of the price you pay for the sewing trolleys.