Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Time Gone By...

Remember Ricci Lindley??? Well, she blessed me with another treasure last week. A friend of hers asked if I would be interested in receiving a badly disintegrating wedding dress that had been passed down in her family. Of course I was interested!

I am always in awe of such beautiful pieces despite the fact that they are in such poor condition. I have enjoyed ooohing and awwwwiing and fondling the lace and thought you would too. I've taken some close up pictures of the collar, cuffs with hooks/eyes still attached, the back showing the itty bitty covered buttons and button holes, and other "parts". When I decide what to do with this beautiful dress, or what's left of it, I'll have to bring you along on my journey. If you have any ideas, please share! Cindy

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Karen Azevedo said...

Cindy - How absolutely wonderful for you to receive this dress. I'll be anxiously waiting to see what you do with it - my mind is just abuzz with ideas!