Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Almost Like Magic!

I've been working on this linen wholecloth quilt for 3 months now and have finally gotten it done. I've been putting off dealing with these two ugly holes waiting for a magic solution to arrive at my doorstep...and it did! I was recently at a show and the Bo-Nash vendor was there demonstrating their product. This product repairs tears and holes and I was VERY impressed!

For my particular holes, I turned the underside of my linen over and in the double-folded hem around the edge I cut out two small pieces of fabric from ONE layer. I tucked a piece into each hole. I took some of the Bo-Nash 007 crystals and very lightly laid some along the raw edge of the hole. Using the special pressing sheet I pressed with my hot iron. Wha La! The holes aren't perfectly and seamlessly gone but they are filled and I am a very happy camper.

You can find this product online at It is the 007 Bonding Agent and be sure to get the pressing sheet too!

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