Thursday, October 15, 2009

Congratulations Elaine!!!!

I wanted to publish a second post dedicated to Elaine Miller of Redding, CA to congratulate her on an amazing award for a most amazing quilt!

Elaine is a long time friend, a part-time student and one of my special "linen ladies". Whenever she comes to one of my Sew Days in Redding I always wonder why she's there as she is soooooo talented and has such an eye for things. I always feel a bit inadequate with my advice. At one of the last Sew Days she showed up with this amazing quilt asking for advice and I told her she had to enter it into PIQF and she seemed shocked I thought it was good enough to do that.

I was thrilled when I saw her quilt last night (after the show premier) with this amazing blue ribbon hanging next to it for Best Machine Workmanship. The pictures just don't do this justice.

I want to congratulate Elaine on her fine workmanship and I am thrilled she has been recognized for it on such a high professional level!

Cindy :)

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Laurie Grant said...

I saw this quilt today at PIQF. It is beautiful! The quilting designs, the thread choice and the piecing/applique are all wonderful. It truly deserved the ribbon it received.

Congratulations, Elaine!!