Friday, October 2, 2009

Day One...They're Here!!!

My day started at 5:30am in the sewing room getting all the coffee made, goodies on the tables, final prep work done and retreaters started arriving by 8 am. Everyone brought carts full of supplies, quilts and what-have-you''d think they were moving in for 6 months worth of sewing!

A warm-fuzzy about hostessing retreats is getting to see old friends's almost like a small reunion not only for me but for other retreaters reuniting with friends. It's also cool watching the new friendships being created too. Another thing I love to watch is quilters helping other quilters with problem solving...the admiration of each other's work...the inspiration we all receive from each other. I love hearing the roar of the conversations going on during the day, the humm of all the sewing machines, and the day ending with the lights going down and everyone in their jammies. Very cool.

I've attached a few pictures of our day and will have more to post tomorrow. We have show and tell in the morning with prize drawings afterwards and then of course sewing all day and night. :) CIndy

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