Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day Two...

My day started early again at 5:30 getting coffee made, trash out and cleaning tables with good soft music on...this room is amazing with it's huge windows that overlook the mountains. I get to watch the world wake up as the sun starts to rise, the skies turn pink and the pine trees start to poke out.

One of the highlights of the retreat is show and tell which starts right after breakfast each day. This room was filled with amazingly talented quilters and some of the quilts that were shown were breathtaking.

Yesterday I shared some of the reasons I enjoy the retreats so much and today I became acutely aware of why quilters need weekends such as these. Many of us are faced with personal and family "challenges" such as illness, death, loss of jobs, etc. Being moms/wives/caretakers it is often our burden to carry a good percentage of the load of support for those friends and family that are involved in some of these situations. We all need to get away to catch our breath, get a fresh perspective and have somebody take care of "US" for a change. I hear stories all weekend long of what quilters are going through and it warms my heart when I see others stepping up to the task to offer help, prayers, hugs and support.

Tomorrow's schedule will be much the same...get up early, make coffee, watch the sun rise, get hugs from everyone, and then say goodbye to everyone until next year.

PS: The last picture is Bev Armstrong getting the very last morsel of Emily's homemade caramel sauce!

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