Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Crazy Linen Quilts!

I taught my second Crazy Linen Quilt class yesterday and had a ball! Seven students came with amazing stashes of old linens, lace, doilies and what-have-you's and each and every one of them left with a treasure. It's fascinating to watch and see what each person comes up with ...each has her own art, her own vision and each piece is unique. Laura came with a jacket from her Grandmother's wedding dress that she wanted to work into her piece. The jacket was in very poor disrepair and the strongest part of the whole garment was the front piece with the old buttons on it so this was cut out and placed on her piece...she had some beautiful collars that she adorned not only herself and Sam with but also put on her crazy linen quilt. Old jewelry came into play, an old Battenburg tablecloth rescued from my orphans was given a new life, damaged pieces were allowed to be cut and added to these quilts. The classroom was completely and totally trashed by the end of the day but we sure had a GOOD time!

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