Sunday, November 1, 2009


Homework is done for the day...time for recess!

Noooo, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I have just been completely focused and wrapped up in writing and designing my new publications, working on my miniature framed pieces and still teaching my local workshops. Oh, and then there's those granddaughters that just moved closer that are over lots...mmmmmm....that's the frosting on the cake!

Even though this is my slower time of year as far as teaching/traveling is concerned, I usually push myself into very high gear preparing for next year's teaching schedule. I always re-write all my handouts so they are current...then there are new teaching instructions...well, you get the idea.

When I'm scrambling teaching everywhere my sewing room/office takes a huge hit and that's another thing that I work on a little bit each day. I don't know about you but when my room is a disaster it's harder to focus...when it gets organized and cleaned up I feel a bit calmer in here. I've managed to haul out several loads of "stuff" to either donate to other quilters or just plain get rid of and I think I've gained at least a couple more feet of walking room! Threads on the wall have been reorganized, my 2010 calendar hung and I treated myself to recess tonight. Long overdue.

We all know what a treat it is to have your husband gone for the cooking, no football...100% time for you. I got my classes prepped for next week so I treated myself to another class project for my Open Thread Bar workshop that I teach for Superior Threads. I've been collecting thread all year from my students and from my own stash to make a thread fabric table runner. This is 8 ft long and is made from nothing but throw-away threads and Dissolve. As soon as I'm done writing this I'll be at my machine for the next couple hours stitching it all together. One project down...dozens to go!

Oh by the way, Kent and I got to spend our very first Halloween with Chloe and Samantha trick-or-treating last night and they got to spend all night too! Miss Samantha was unconscious in Papa's chair shortly after getting home in her jack-o-lantern pj's and her blankie...Miss Chloe snugged up with Papa and Miter watching football. Life doesn't get much better. :)


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Amanda Sevall said...

Cute pics of the girls -- glad you guys are enjoying more time together and that you took a break! :)