Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Yes, I know, it's a few days after Christmas but this is the very first chance I've had to sit down and take a few deep breaths! I LOVE Christmas, love getting together with family and friends and it was especially special this year as Chloe and Samantha are now officially old enuf to know about Santa, really dig into presents and enjoy the day.

Even though they're little girls they're really into trains. Kent wanted to get them an electric train set for their special present and it made a huge hit. Kent is still very sore from his accident so our son-in-law, Ryan, assembled the set on our kitchen floor and supervised the fun for the day. Miter is in his usual spot...on the couch...on a quilt...with his infamous ball. :)

Kent is still on the mend...after a visit to his doctor and more x-rays being taken it was discovered that he broke his left 9th rib in his back so needless to say he isn't moving too fast these days. Healing and recovery has been slow but we're still thankful it wasn't worse. That has to be the best present under the tree!

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Amanda Sevall said...

Thank you again for the fantastic dinner!! Brian ate so much he skipped our big baked french toast + bacon breakfast on Christmas morning!! :) Glad you guys had a good Christmas. Hope Uncle Kent is feeling better soon! Love Amanda