Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pillowcase Quilt...Part One

I've shared lots of ideas for creating wholecloth linen quilts from tablecloths but haven't shared how to do a pillowcase quilt! I just finished my second one last night so thought it was high time to inspire you to create your own.

Many years ago I was starting to teach my Linen Wholecloth workshops, I had the pleasure of having Amity Jones in my class. She brought this beautiful pair of pillowcases her grandmother had crocheted and wanted to do something special. It was SHE who figured out how to create a wholecloth quilt from a pillowcase. When my book, Wholecloth Linen Quilts, was published there was a huge party at my local quilt store and Amity was there with a gift...the second pillowcase from her grandmother's set. I have waited a bit until I was inspired to work on it and am happy to say that I am finally finished and very thrilled with how it turned out.

Part of my Classroom Collection of handbooks will soon include a handbook on creating pillowcase quilts but I wanted to give you the nutshell instructions here to start the wheels turning in your heads. The next two posts give you very brief instructions.

Thank you Amity for such an amazing gift. I'm sure your grandmother approves of what we BOTH did with her amazing work. :)

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Brandie said...

Beautiful as always. Thanks for showing us. Brandie