Sunday, January 24, 2010

Simply Sensational Sew Days...Passing It Forward

For several years now I have been hostessing monthly Sew Days at Honey Run Quilters in Chico. This initially started as a way to provide an easy and affordable way for my students to keep in touch, receive additional instruction on designing, basting, quilting techniques, etc. For $10 a day each student came to spend the day...I never dreamed it would become such an important and vital part to all of our lives. There is a "core group" that is there every single month. There is another group that gets in when they're lucky enough to find an opening. Each newbie to the group is always welcomed with open arms...nobody is a stranger, ever. When the Sew Days started I ran my hiney off offering instruction to everyone I still run my hiney off but everyone in the core group instructs, inspires and helps anyone that needs help. When I take a moment to breathe a bit, I soak in the room enjoying the classroom "hummmmm", the conversations..the purring of the machines..the laughter...the hugs...the total experience of 20 people coming together to enjoy the magic of quilting. I know that these days won't last forever, nothing this good can, but I have enough insight to appreciate every single one of these days and all those that attend that make them so special.

Today was no different. As many of you know California has been hit hard with a pretty decent storm. We had an easy light rain today and early this afternoon I turned around and saw these two little 7 year-old girls peeking in through the front glass door of the classroom checking things out. Their mom was walking the dogs so I invited them to check things out (the dogs stayed outside!). These girls were amazing...they made themselves right at home chatting with all the quilters, checking out all the quilts but finally landed in Janice Maxey's corner of the room where she was marking her quilt. Janice took them under her wing and explained the marking process and invited them to participate and help her out.

There are no words for what took place...words wouldn't do this moment justice. Maybe I could sum it up with "passing it forward" and you would understand.

I am blessed to have been allowed to live my dream of teaching my passion of quilting with those that choose to join me in the classroom and I don't take one single student or class for granted. I know that this won't last forever and know that I will look back on this time in my life as my "favorite part".

Hugs, Cindy

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