Monday, February 22, 2010

Asilomar...First Full Day

I arrived at Asilomar yesterday afternoon after four hours of driving in rain and traffic with zero visibility on either side and behind me due to my heavily packed Honda Pilot! I felt I needed to sacrifice safe driving for packing anything and everything for successful classes!

I was blessed with a very small intimate group of six students (which almost never happens at Asilomar) and they are all as crazy as I am with a great sense of humor. We had our Beginning Machine Quilting workshop and Basic Wholecloth Quilts lessons today...none of us stayed late to quilt...we were all very tired!

Yesterday was a very stormy, wet, wild weather day in Monterey but today we woke up to beautiful blue skies, no wind and an amazingly beautiful beach. I made myself take the time to enjoy both the sunrise AND the sunset...I can't describe how beautiful it is here but hopefully my very unprofessional pictures with my little digital camera will give it justice. You just need to add the sound of the crashing surf...mmmmm. :)

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Library Gal Quilts said...

Glad you made it safely ;) Sounds like you are soaking it all in (and make that literally with the rain) lucky students to have you dear Cindy! xo Pam