Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Linen Lady...Jenny Bach!

I'll be leaving for my four-day quilting retreat in McCloud, CA in a couple hours but received this letter from one of my students at the Vermont Quilt Festival and had to share! This shows you that you can do something extra-ordinary with an ordinary dinner napkin/hankie!

Beautiful work Jenny...thank you for sharing! Hugs, Cindy

Here is Jenny's Letter~

Hi Cindy

I just loved the class I took from you at the Vermont Quilt Festival. During the class I marked up a tablecloth. Before I took that on I decided to do a smaller project to practice. I am attaching a picture of the result. I love it. It is a small handkerchief. Now I can take on the tablecloth and not be as nervous about doing it. I'm very new to quilting but have taken it on in a very big way.

Thank you so much for the great class and all the great inspiration.

Jenny Bach

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