Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thank you Jim!!!

It seems that almost every time I travel I end up with some sort of a story to tell...this time was no different!

I had a speaking/teaching engagement for the Palmer Divide Quilt Guild in Monument, Colorado this past week. I was really looking forward to it as I was going to see some old friends and teach again at the High Country Quilt Store where I had been a couple years prior (amazing store by the way if you ever get the chance to shop there!)

My flight there was uneventful until I got on the plane to go to Colorado Springs...made it as far as the runway and the plane's engine light came on. We had to go back to the gate, grab our luggage and were told to wait until it could be fixed. I had to be in Monument no later than 5 and it was roughly 2ish. OMG. I was nearly sick and the gentleman next to me, Jim, asked what was wrong and I told him about my speaking engagement and I HAD to be there. Well he was traveling in the same direction and said we could rent a car and drive. Does this sound vaguely familiar??? :) I gave him my business card and he asked what I did...I told him that I was a national quilting instructor and I was here to teach. He said his wife Shelley was a quilter and she would kill him if he deserted another quilter and left her high and dry. Thank goodness for quilting husbands!!!

Sooooo, long story short, Jim managed to rent one of the last vehicles on the lot and drove me clear to Monument where I met with my careperson, Lilo, (the same Lilo that helps produce "The Quilt Show"). We had a very quick dinner, set up for my trunk show, quickly changed, freshened up, and started my program a few moments later. whew. My glass of wine that evening was very well deserved!

My flight home was interesting too as the flight crew didn't show up...they were told to be at the airport at 9:30...our flight was supposed to take off at 8:15. Talk about a mess. sigh...I hate flying.

I want to thank Jim once again for taking such good care of me. It seems that God has a way of placing wonderful people in position to help me along when needed. I'm also thankful his wife is a quilter!

Hugs, Cindy

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Patty Benner Young said...

You have good karma Cindy! There's an angel sitting on your shoulder!