Friday, November 4, 2011

Moving Forward...

I'm currently snugged up in Wickenburg, Arizona where I am beginning a 12 day stretch of teaching. I am teaching three classes at M's Quilting Inspirations and then drive down to Tucson where I am speaking and teaching for the Tucson Quilt Guild. Once my visit is over there I head down to Harlingen, Texas where I am speaking/teaching for the Frontera Quilt Guild.

The dilemma of losing all of my blog posts pictures has weighed very heavy on my heart. Thankfully Karen Azevedo had saved a blog post from March 2010 and I was able to go back and save all the photos from there on. No dice on anything forward. (my blog post address changed at this time) I was able to recreate about a dozen posts from pictures I had saved and those that were forwarded to me by other readers.

I had my computer nerd guy work on the problem last Sunday and he has no idea what happened. It was more than just me doing some housekeeping of my photo files. I have heard from a few other readers that they saved photos off of my website or added my photos to class calendars/advertisements and those too have turned black. I feel like my house burned down with all my photo albums.

I like to think of my Blog as a positive inspirational place for people to visit and scrolling down thru nothing but black boxes is not comforting. I took the plunge and deleted all the posts that have the black boxes. I simply don't have the time to devote to sorting thru hundreds and hundreds of photos to recreate these posts and it upsets me at the same time.

Time to move forward...Once I get home from this extended trip I am going to rephoto some of the quilts that appeared in these deleted posts and tell their stories again. I have my camera with me and will start taking pictures in my classroom and we'll get the ball rolling on a more positive note!

Thank you to everyone who responded with suggestions, photos, and letting me cry on their shoulders. I have learned a VERY valuable lesson...have everything doubly backed up...I got lazy and I've paid the price. sigh.

Hugs, Cindy


Patty Benner Young said...

Cindy, I use an offline backup called's like $60/year...good peace of mind.

SewCalGal said...

Wow 12 days of classes with you. How did I miss that amazing opportunity?

Don't stress about your followers. I know I'll be here when you have time to blog next and I believe all your followers will understand that certain technicalities are out of your control...but always eager to know when they are fixed and once can puruse historical insights & beauty.


lydia.threads said...

I can understand your sadness over losing your blog posts. I find them very inspirational. I absolutely love your work! I can hardly wait to take a class from you. We met at the Pacific West Quilt Symposium at Evergreen College in Olympia WA. I was taking a different class, and came i to see you and your work.