Friday, November 4, 2011

New Born Linen Ladies!

As promised I am starting "fresh" with new posts and what better way to start than with fresh, newborn Linen Ladies!

I am currently snugged up in Wickenburg, AZ and teaching 3 days of classes for
M's Quilting Inspirations. I taught for Marilyn last year, she brought me back this year, and we are already planning on classes for 2012. I love it here...small town with a great quilt store and they take very good care of me.

I started off with my Linen Ladies Workshop and had a wonderful class of 15 students...they were great guinea pigs for some new demos and everyone jumped right in and started designing and marking their pieces. I absolutely love carousing around the room watching linens being reborn into beautiful wholecloth quilts.

One of my students, Kris, was a two-timer...a repeat student from my class at Road to Calfornia a couple of years ago. She brought two quilts that she completed to share with me and they are exquisite. One of them featured a beautiful green hankie with rounded sides and flowers and beautifully quilted backgrounds and details.

I did manage to bring my sewing machine with me and am trying to carve out some time to quilt on my Nuns quilt. I managed to squeeze in about 30 minutes this morning and after leaving my little sewing table and coming back, caught this pretty image of it hanging over the chair and had to take a picture.

Since most of the Nun's Quilt history has been deleted from my blog,I will make sure to make this one of my featured quilts coming up in a future blog very soon.

Off to bed...very tired after a wonderful day of teaching. Hugs, Cindy


Karen said...

The photo of your nun quilt hanging over the back of the chair absolutely took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. I can just imagine the nuns watching the transformation and the beauty and love as it takes on a new form. What a work of art!

Unknown said...

your nuns quilt struck me the same way. i am in complete