Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Silk Scarf...Finally Finished

Last March a student shared a product that she loves...Bosal woven stabilizer...and highly recommended it for some of my linens. So to put it to the ultimate test I selected a very wiggly embroidered silk scarf to experiment on and was thoroughly thrilled with the results!
I shared a blog shortly after I started this piece to share my process and am tickled to share that I finally got it done. Even though I used the stabilizer, and pin/straight basted, it still managed to wiggle around. See the very uneven edges? I wasn't overly concerned as I had already planned on cutting the double thickness hem off and this would allow me to square it up.
Once the quilting was finished I soaked this piece in warm water for about 30 minutes in order to dissolve the water soluble Superior Threads' Vanish Lite thread (I use this for my straight basting). I then pinned this soaking wet piece to my design wall and pinned it flat. I wasn't concerned about making it square as that was impossible...I just wanted it flat.
Once dry I lightly pressed it to set the block...put it on my cutting table and squared it up. And it turned out marvelous. I've added a wide beautiful net lace for my rod pocket on the back and am searching for a beautiful quotation to sign it with. Any ideas??? Hugs, Cindy :)


Shontelle said...

Wow, the scarf looks absolutely amazing. One of my favourite quotes is : Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Try for other quote ideas.

All the best,

Karen said...

Cindy - The softness of silk, the texture of the quilting, soothes my soul. It's beautiful.

Elaine said...

'A thing of beauty is a joy forever'

Amanda Sevall said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Cindy,
I came across your work by chance. I had been thinking about applying freely drawn designs to whole cloth quilts. I feel I should let you know that you may just be a genius!

Janette said...

I have just found your beautiful blog, wow I am stunned at your work, it is all so fabulous.x

Angie in SoCal said...

What a beautiful quilt you have created from that scarf - a gorgeous save of someone's work even if it was done in a factory. You are such an inspiration!
Angie here from SewCalGal.