Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oh My!!!!

Kent and I are very blessed to have two amazingly talented daughters...our "favorite youngest" is Emily and she is a professional bakery chef and runs her own bakery, Lovely Layers Cakery, right here in Chico.  Valentines is an especially busy time for her so I always save two days on my calendar to be Cupid.

Today started out folding, stamping and stickering lots, and lots and lots of boxes...this is only a portion of them...the rest are in the other part of the bakery!

Once that stint was done I found myself spending the rest of the day immersed in chocolate.....ooooohhhhh myyyyyy...there are no words!

and I got to spend hours dipping hundreds and hundreds of beautiful strawberries in both dark and white chocolate and putting wonderful sprinkles on them!  

Emily worked circles around me decorating cookies and special dark chocolate cakes.  Everything is just about ready...I got to leave after washing the dishes and will be back at o-dark-thirty tomorrow morning  to assemble all the goodies in boxes and then my "favorite oldest" daughter, Jenny,  and I will be one of three sets of people out delivering all these wonderful goodies to everyone.

I just thought you would enjoy sharing a very special part of my day...there really is something in my life besides quilts!

Oh, and speaking of other things in my life, Jenny (the favorite oldest) is a professional photographer   and I just had to share some recent, and "new style" photos of my two favorite grand-daughters Chloe and Samantha.    Not only do I love these photos but I love the blog post she just put on her website about not being perfect...very wise words from her heart.

This is my favorite oldest granddaughter Chloe...

                      This is my favorite youngest granddaughter Samantha... These are pretty and soft...

                                                                       This is realistic!!!

Thank you for allowing me to share a bit of "personal stuff" and maybe a little glimpse into my amazing family.

Hugs, Cindy :)


Kathleen said...

oh how fun..... oh how exhausting.... what beautiful girls!!!! thanks for sharing this... Kathleen

Susan Lawson said...

Oh my! You grandchildren are beautiful and there's no way I could be of any help with chocolate covered strawberries... dip one one..dip one!! :)

Karen said...

2 very talented daughters, 2 beautiful grand-daughters, a mountain of strawberries and chocolate. Life doesn't get much better than that!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog by your daughter. Think she learned it from you. It is wonderful to hear as I strive to do better at my quilting. Thank you for sharing

Martha said...

Oh My is so right!!! WOW!! You have a very busy family and how fun to be able to be such an integral part of it all, fun fun fun!!! Love the photos of the grandgirls-adorable and the pics are amazing!!!
Happy Valentines Day!!

Unknown said...

What's not to like about this blog!!