Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Karen's Pillowcase..."Les Petites Rosaces"

In a previous post I shared Karen Azevedo's and my personal project of each working on a pillow covering. Miss Karen already has hers done!  You get her going on something and she just dives in.  I think it turned out fabulous! Remember...she does all of this on a longarm!

She mounted her pillow covering  on a pink Dupioni silk and just quilted and beaded it to death.

She is pretty sure she's going to name it Les Petites Rosaces as this is the name of the boutis pattern from her book.  Beautiful work once again Karen!


Kathleen said...

drop dead gorgeous! Doesn't matter how long her arms are...:)

Sue Jennings said...

Beautiful! I wish I was half as talented!

Anonymous said...

100% agreement with Kate!!!!! Truly inspiring!!!!!

Karen said...

Thanks Ladies! I appreciate all the nice comments. Cindy is my muse and I just follow in her footsteps.

Kyle said...

Karen's work is truly the most beautiful I've ever seen. She is amazing....especially doing it all with her long arm...sorry, I couldn't help myself, Karen.