Thursday, April 10, 2014

Featuring Susanne Zientarski!

Last August  I was fortunate enough to be one of the instructors at Maine Quilts and Susanne Zientarski was one of my students.  Today she shared two beautiful pieces she created as a result of those classes.  I was blown away and she graciously agreed to let me feature her work and story on my blog.  Thank you Susanne...beautiful work!!!  Hugs, Cindy

In all the years I've been quilting, the part of the process I liked the least was the actual quilting, which, for the most part, I did minimally in the "ditch" or just pretty basic work.  I had touched on free motion quilting but hadn't done much.  Then when looking at the classes available at the Maine Quilts Show, I discovered Cindy's work and went to her web site only to fall in love with what she did with the vintage linens.

Since I had collected linens over the years, I felt that would be a good class for me to learn more about free motion quilting using my vintage pieces.  I also took a class in free motion quilting with Cindy, but my machine wasn't cooperating that day.  When I went home I was able to solve my machine problem and continued with the 32" tablecloth I had started drawing on in class using stencils.

Using the take home sheets provided to guide me, I basted the linen to another larger piece of cotton fabric working from large to small areas using wool batting.  I kept referring to examples on the handout sheets of what I could do to quilt in the smaller areas.  It did take quite awhile to do compared with the quilting I had done in the past, but I felt the results were worth the effort.  I found some crystal beads I liked in a bead shop and sewed them on to enhance the quilt.  I call this quilt "New Beginnings".  For the thread I used Magnifico for the larger designs and silk for the smaller with Bottom Line in the bobbin.

The Silver Cross Quilt was inspired by a handkerchief I picked up in a Maine antique shop with beautiful drawn work.  I used Superior #100 Kimono Silk thread in the mesh areas and perimeter of the hankie, and silk and Magnifico in the grey areas with Bottom Line thread in the bobbin.

Since the center of the hankie was puffing up I put a silver metallic cross in the middle.  This quilt is beaded  in between the mesh areas with sewn on crystals.  In the grey triangular areas crystals with a glue backing were applied with an iron designed for that purpose.  I added a light grey piping before the binding to repeat the lighter tone of the hankie.

I'm glad I persevered in free motion quilting.  I hope to get better at it with many thanks to Cindy!

Susanne Zientarski


Angie in SoCal said...

Susanne says she hopes to get better at FMQ - she's already fantastic! But then your classes do teach a lot, Cindy. I'm taking your Craftsy class now for Design it... and learning loads of things! Thanks for sharing.

ChristaQuilts said...

These are fantastic!! Nice job Susanne!

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Beautiful pieces. I can't wait for the workshop in May!

Vicki Crooms said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!
It is always great to see your students work.
Seeing their work is almost as satisfying as quilting itself. Yesterday I was in Pensacola, Fl for their guild quilt show. Imagine my surprise to see the Route 66 display of quilts which was first featured in The Road to California show two years ago, where I first took one of your classes! It is a small world. But, as Steven Wright says, I wouldn't want to paint it!

Quilt Crazy said...

Nice job!

Unknown said...

Wow!!! What a great job. I too have limited FMQ experience under my belt and only wish I could do a linen whole cloth quilt with such good results. However, this is so encouraging to see. To do such a wonderful job after only having taken Cindy's class a few months ago is impressive. I have taken the Craftsy classes but never really believed I could do that well. I'm a late starter and feel I don't have enough good years left to accomplish the quilting dreams I have. I now may become a believer. Thanks for sharing. Great job Susanne!