Saturday, August 8, 2015

Premier Pre-Sale of "Ultimate Backgrounds" Stencils!!!


I've had many people comment that my mind NEVER's always going, always creating and always re-inventing itself.  They're absolutely right.

I was teaching in Naples, Florida this past June and happened to have some Baby Clams stencils with me and offered them for sale...they were gone immediately with  orders for more. It dawned on me that having some beautiful backgrounds in stencil form was probably a good idea!

Many of the heirloom background designs I teach require a grid to be marked first and then the background design drafted from that.  I've done it that way for years and never considered doing it any other way...until now.   Many of my students  struggle with the drafting part.  It takes a LOT of time to mark the grids and then remark with the background design.  This leaves lots of extra marking pen on the quilt too.

I have come up with a 20 stencil set of my favorite backgrounds that could satisfy all of your heirloom background needs.

Diagonal gridwork is always important, so I have one sheet of 1/2" and one sheet of 3/4".  By skipping lines you can create an unlimited number of different sized grids.

I have  included SIX different designs in THREE different sizes...Papa, Mama and Baby.  These different sizes will accommodate any space that needs to be filled.







Because we each learn in a different way, i.e., tactile, spoken, written, I've covered at least two of those.  I've written a 32 page handbook that is FREE to you.  It includes instructions and illustrations for each of these backgrounds along with at least 2 fillers for each one.  CLICK HERE to download or visit the front page of my website to download.

I will be creating YouTube videos of each of these designs so you have both visual and spoken instructions for these backgrounds.  I hope to have these videos completed in the next few days.   These will also be available on my website.

This set of 20 stencils, if each design was sold separately, would retail for $98.  In working with my long time friends at Quilting Creations I am able to sell this set for $75.

I am offering a pre-sale of The Ultimate Backgrounds for $70 and this will run from August 9-23rd.  I will be receiving my first 100 sets of stencils by Friday the 14th.  The remaining sets will be on my doorstep by August 31st.  If you would like to take advantage of this pre-sale, CLICK HERE.

Please keep in mind that your set of stencils may not be shipped until September 1st! 

If you have been interested in The Ultimate Stencil and haven't yet purchased it, I would be happy to ship it in the same envelope with the Ultimate Background stencils.  

After August 23rd the Ultimate Backgrounds will sell for $75.  I am VERY excited about these designs and know you will be too!  Please check out my new Pinterest page dedicated to these backgrounds  (this will be up within the week).  I will be adding  photos and drawings as well as my students' work when I receive those special show-and-tell emails.

Thank you!  Hugs, Cindy :)

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Sue Jennings said...

Thank you, Cindy. I have spent many hours looking for small background filler stencils, without success - particularly small gridwork and clam shells. I'm delighted you will be offering them. Have pre-ordered.