Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ultimate Backgrounds YouTube Videos/Pinterest

Boy... since sending out my blog post and newsletter about my new Ultimate Backgrounds, life has been NUTS here in Chico!  Love all the positive response to my "new baby" :)

As always I believe in as much instruction and education as I can possibly send your way so I have been spending many long hours getting YouTube videos posted for each of the backgrounds.   Since I have filmed for both Craftsy and The Quilt Show, I know what "professional" studios look like.  I have to laugh at the little makeshift  studio here in my sewing room!
But you know... it gets the job done and it's the best I can do from here!

Soooo...if you're interested in seeing how the stencils actually work, and what cool things you can do with them, visit The Ultimate Backgrounds section of my website to check out the videos. 

During the filming process I noticed how the samples I was teaching with didn't show the details very well so I created a special page on my Pinterest board dedicated to these samples. (You can access my Pinterest page from the front page of my website).    I've taken a picture of each and every one of them and posted them to this page.  This will allow you to really see what I've done.

As I said before, the first shipment of stencils will arrive on my doorstep this coming Friday.  I already have the envelopes stickered and ready to go and will have the first 100 orders out on Monday.  I am expecting the next shipment of stencils no later than the end of this month.  Your envelopes are also ready to roll so as soon as they arrive I will have them out to you.  Each of you will get a confirmation via email when your stencils are shipped.

Thank you!!!!  Hugs, Cindy :)

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Sue Jennings said...

Hi Cindy
My pack of Ultimate Stencils has arrived here in the UK! I am SO excited. They are great! I have a stash of old linens to quilt. I decided I wouldn't even look at them until the stencils arrived. I can't wait to play with them. Let the fun begin!
Sue xx