Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Thank You Austin!!!

I just got home late Tuesday from Austin, Texas where I taught my last two workshops and delivered my last two guild programs of the year.  What a VERY special guild and a wonderful way to end an incredible year. 

As I was sitting and waiting for my turn to share my Love of Linens trunk show for their evening guild meeting, I had to snap a picture of the table setting in front of me.  Pretty cool.

I also took advantage of my "down time" in my hotel room in-between the workshops and guild programs and got lots and lots of drawings and new designs done for the Heirloom Backgrounds handbook updates for next year.  The new Ultimate Backgrounds stencils came out just this past August and I've been so busy I really haven't had any good quality time to sit down and see just what these can do.   Here's two quickie ideas:

This is the Twisted Clam stencil that  I use  for lots of different backgrounds. 

It dawned on me you could eliminate every other horizontal and vertical line (shown with the green dots)...

...and make a very pretty ribbon grid simply by sketching in another wavy line!

This is the Diamonds/Triangles stencil.

I eliminated the horizontal straight lines so I had a zig-zag.  I then drew a long vertical line and marked a dot every inch.   Using just the top zig zag line only, I lined a point up to a marked dot and drew a full line of horizontal zig zag lines.   Then I moved the stencil down an inch and repeated the process.  Now I have a pretty zig-zag background OR... adding repetitive lines or any texture you wish you've created an easy Chevron background!

I have TONS of ideas, inspiration and drawings all over my sewing room and am looking forward to sharing them with you from time to time on my blog.

I have finally gotten into the groove of my Facebook page and am adding quick ideas and tips there on a more regular basis.  If you wish to be "friends" with me on my Facebook page please ask!  I only ask that there be something "quilty" in your request or I may not accept you as a friend.  I've been a bit overwhelmed with requests and trying very hard to make this a quilting Facebook page so I'm being a  bit more selective about who is added. 

Hugs, Cindy :)


QuiltShopGal said...

Oh La La. What great ideas. Thank you. I have a couple of projects ready for quilting and I want to put your ideas to practice.

BTW - I did an easy stitch out/fill using the Twisted Clamshell for a background of an applique EPP project that I gaveaway. The recipient of the little table topper loved the FMQ and called the design "Windows". It reminded her of the blue logo for windows. And now, when I look at that design I'm thinking of Windows too. Quacked me up.

QuiltShopGal said...

Dang! Those are sweet ideas!!! Thanks for sharing with all of us!--Terry

Laceflower said...

I'm struggling with designing for lots of white area and popped over to get some inspiration. These 2 ideas might be the ticket. You may actually force me to go onto facebook to keep abreast of more uses for the ultimate stencils. Thanks