Monday, July 6, 2015


In a previous post I shared the trials and tribulations of trying to get this quilt has quite a history of drama and trauma and has been in my "bone pile" for quite awhile.  I finally had the right inspiration to get her done.

The middle centerpiece is made up of a Battenburg hankie topped with a crocheted lace square topped with a tatted circle topped with an ivory rose.   I had two separate bad choices for a center quilting design and it took this many pieces, layered on top of each other, to cover it all up.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out! 

I'm always teaching my students how to add designs under and over each other.  I wanted to have a circle medallion to frame in the center and only had a bit of space in which to do that.  I added a rope cable in the four corners which gives impression that it goes all the way around...and it goes "underneath" everything to provide depth and dimension.

I added a micro echoing to fill in the entire background...Diane Gaudynski inspired.

All the leaves were quilted with Nun's Quilt style feathers.

The back is the most special of all...I have a "thing" for my angels and this beautiful piece of lace has been hanging out in my stash for awhile waiting for the perfect quilt.  She was attached to some linen and this has become my hanging sleeve...

...and this is my signature linen.  A beautiful piece of organza.

This piece is dedicated to Joan and Harold Needham...Kent's parents, who passed on two years apart this week.  They are our very special angels that watch over us constantly...that's the reason for the angel at the top.  They watched over us constantly this past week while Kent was very ill in the hospital and we are thankful for their presence in our lives.

Hugs, Cindy :)


Virginia said...

Absolutely amazing. The addition of the angel along with the dedication makes this an exceptional quilt. Pray your husband is doing better.

Maggie said...

Oh, Cindy. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! As is all your work. But, the closeups look like hand stitches. Or, only every other stitch shows. How can that be?

I, too, hope your husband is all well now.

maggie in Washington state

Karen said...

Stunnung! What a tribute for your two angels.

Aussie said...

Absolutely exquisite, Cindy. Your Angel is a beautiful tribute. Your two Craftsy classes kept me sane during my husband's illness last year. I feel for you and I do hope Kent is now recovering well.
Ainslie in Perth, Western Australia

mckittycat said...

Just beautiful Cindy. Sending good thoughts to you and Kent. Mary Ann

kwilteriam said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you for Kents quick and complete recovery.
Your always in my prayers and you never cease to totally amaze me with your vision to what can be done to the linen works that somehow are drawn to you for their safe keeping.
Sent with love,
Julie in cold Goulburn Australia

Kelly Cline said...

Stunning!!! Your layering is amazing and beautiful! Hope your husband is doing well. said...

Everlasting is an absolute masterpiece. Thank you so much for sharing so much of your journey with all of us. I too hope that Kent's illness is now over and he has recovered fully. Sending you a hug!